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Founder, Leah McHugh

What is Get Dirty With Me?

Get Dirty With Me are all natural powdered cleansers. You can use them dry to refresh or add water to cleanse your hair and skin. Replace 5 plastic bottles with 1 biodegradable pouch. They pack flat and light, making them perfect for travel.

The Cleansing Powders (Tea Tree+Aloe Vera and Chocolate+Charcoal)

5-in-1 Solutions for all your personal hygiene, skin-care and cleaning needs (dry shampoo, hair shampoo, hair conditioner, facial/body scrub + rinse, facial/body mud mask)

Clean All Things is made from Soap Berries

Which naturally contains saponins to allow you to…well…clean all things! Gently enough (and pH balanced) for your skin/hair, and tough enough to clean your laundry and dishes

All Get Dirty With Me Product are:

No Poo, paleo, gluten-free, vegan and biodegradable.
Not tested on animal friends, but human friends.
Made with paper packaging for easy recycling.
Flight friendly, easy to bring onboard flights in hand luggage.

5 products in 1:

Dry Shampoo

Sprinkle Cleansing Powder or Chocolate Cleanse on your hair, massage + brush or shake out.

Hair Cleansing + Conditioning

Add water to approx. 1tsp of powder to make a paste. Massage paste into scalp, leave for 2-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Cleansing Scrub

Add water to make a paste. Scrub face + body. Rinse

Mud Mask

Add water to Cleansing Powder or Chocolate Cleanse to make a paste. Apply generously to the skin. Allow to dry for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Clean All The Things

Add 1tbs of Clean All The things to your dishwasher or washing machine. Make a liquid detergent with 1 tbs to 1 cup water. Shake until foamy.

From the weekend wanderers to the full-time nomads, GDWM products help them travel light while staying clean and fresh wherever and whenever, with or without water.

GDWM is created for eco-conscious people who want natural products that are good for their body and the earth.


About Me + Get Dirty With Me

Founder, Leah McHugh

Byline Bio: Digital Nomad Leah McHugh created Get Dirty With Me, a range of all natural powdered cleansers. These light-weight cleansers can replace more than 5 bottles of liquids, making it easier on traveler’s suitcases, and easier on the environment.


Hi, I’m Leah, the founder of Get Dirty With Me.

I am two things: a digital nomad and an eco-conscious earthling. I spent years searching for travel-friendly beauty products that are kind to the body, animals and the earth.

I know, a little much to ask for.

So it wasn’t a surprise that I couldn’t find a product that could fulfill my needs. So I decided to create my own, and Get Dirty With Me was born.

In 2015 I shaved my head to raise money for the Leukemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave. Then had an idea for a shampoo, because life is backward like that.

I started creating different mixtures and testing them on my own scalp. After extensive research, a long period of trial and error, testing on my friends’ and my own skin and scalp, GDWM’s Cleansing Powder was created.

Get Dirty With Me is created by Travelers for Travelers.

  • Lightweight (hence the powder form)
  • Easy to Pack and doesn’t burst in luggage (hence the flat pack)
  • Easy for me to bring onboard in my carry-on luggage (so liquidless is a must), and
  • Something that doesn’t make me feel yuck smothering on myself (hence the natural and pH balanced ingredients)
  • Friendly to the animals and environment (GDWM products were tested on friends and not animals, and packed with recyclable paper packs. All ingredients are also derived from natural sources and are 100% biodegradable)

No more dragging around dozens of chemical-filled bottles in your luggage just so you can stay fresh, clean and feel taken-cared of on your trips.

All GDWM products are multipurpose, and will take care of all your personal hygiene, hair-care, and skin care needs.  So you can stay clean and look fresh even when you’re out in the middle of nowhere with running water nowhere to be seen.

Now that’s dream come true for many of us wanderers, wouldn’t you say?


Absorbs excess oils and dirt, giving hair body and texture. Look and smell fresh without having to jump in the shower. Massage a little dry cleansing powder into your scalp then shake or brush out.

Cleanse + Condition

Just add water to create a gentle shampoo + conditioner. The white clay gently cleanses while the aloe vera adds moisture to your hair and scalp. Activated charcoal draws out any impurities. Rich in magnesium, protein, riboflavin + thiamin , raw cacao creates vibrancy, shine + volume.


Use on your face and body for fresh, glowing skin. Bamboo gently scrubs your scalp to remove product buildup + stimulate the hair follicle for growth.


Australian Kaolin Clay and Activated Charcoal gently draws out impurities + pollutants. Raw Cacao has over 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries, protecting from free radical damage.

Get Dirty With Me is for:

The travel-loving, globe-trotting wanderers.

The eco-conscious, nature and animal lover who wants to help promote a more positive way of life.


Why Should You Introduce This Brand To Your Audience?

If your audience is self-proclaimed travel lovers and avid travelers, they will love GDWM.


Traveller’s Common Problems & How GDWM Solves Those Problems

Trouble with liquid restrictions on carry-on hand luggage

  • GDWM products are in powder form, flat-packed, lightweight and liquidless, which makes it flight-friendly and easy to go into any bag.
  • No need to purchase extra checked baggage allowance just to bring your liquid cleansing and beauty products!


Bottles Exploding in Luggage

  • No more burst bottles and soiled clothes in luggage as GDWM products are liquidless and flat packed in tough paper packaging.

Travel Sized Toiletries Saves Space, But Are Expensive and only last a couple of washes

  • GDWM products are multi-purpose, so no need to carry 5 different products
  • The Cleansing Powders (Tea Tree+Aloe Vera and Chocolate+Charcoal) are 5-in-1 Solutions for all your personal hygiene, skin-care and cleaning needs (dry shampoo, hair shampoo, hair conditioner, facial/body scrub + rinse, facial/body mud mask).
  • Clean All Things is made from Soap Berries, foaming up naturally to allow you to…well…clean all things! Gently enough (and pH balanced) for your skin/hair, and tough enough to clean your laundry and dishes.
  • One all-purpose product saves you time, money and sanity.

When you’re traveling, you may not always have access to a shower

  • GDWM can be used as a Dry Shampoo to keep hair fresh when water is scarce (think about your camping and hiking trips!) or when you’re too busy/ lazy to wash your hair (we all have those days).

High res images (click to view in dropbox):

GDWM is for the wild-spirited at heart, because getting dirty is fun and getting clean naturally is easy with Get Dirty With Me.

Made with love in Australia