Deliquify + carry on with our travel toiletries packing list

Repeat after me, “If I have my passport, money + credit card, everything will be fine.”

OR for the digital nomads, “If I have my passport, credit card + laptop, everything will be fine.”

But some things are definitely more difficult to find in some countries. Plus I prefer not to buy stuff only to throw it out shortly thereafter. It’s always good to have the necessities.


So, I made you a handy dandy Travel toiletries Packing List so you can de-liquify + carry on only.

This list is not just for people that don’t want to check a bag, but for anyone that wants to travel minimally. Sometimes I check a bag if I have lots of stopovers or a long layover + I don’t want to be stuck with all my stuff.

Check or no-check, doesn’t carrying less stuff sound great? Maybe I’m just lazy, but the less I have to carry, the happier I am. Honestly, I’ve never regretted not bringing something.

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Traveling light is so much easier!

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What I actually pack for long term travel

We all have different needs- most lists are just a guide. So, I also want to show you what I actually pack for long term travel.

This is what I’ve used for the last year of traveling. I’m not constantly moving, I try to stay in each place for at least a month, but I don’t really add much to this, + I haven’t needed to replace much other than razors + deodorant. You’ll notice that there are still some liquids, but they’re minimal + concentrated, so a little goes a long way. I can fit them all into a little ziplock baggy at security.

1. Obviously, first on my list is Get Dirty With Me (shameless plug). I now carry the Cleansing Powder, Chocolate Cleanse + Clean All The Things. But I used to just travel with the Cleansing Powder- that replaced my shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, cleanser + body wash. I also use it as a mud mask + exfoliator. It feels great on sunburns!

2. I rarely “do” my hair, so if I’m not wearing it out + natural I need hair ties, + a headband or a scarf. Plus a comb + a brush. I used to carry bobby pins but I never used them.

3. Sunblock of course! Deliquify it: there are lots of brands of sunblock sticks. I find that they last longer than the liquid version too.

4. Bug Spray: I use one from the Yoga Barn in Ubud because I love the smell. It’s a liquid, but I have the space for it. Deliquify it: Insect repellant stick or bracelet.

5. Deodorant: I’m constantly trying to find a natural deodorant that works for me, so this is always changing. If anyone has a good recommendation, please let me know in the comments! Deliquify it: deodorant stick or powder.

6. Moisturizer: Shea butter, argan oil + rose hip oil is all I need for face + body. A little goes a long way (I’m talking 3 drops of rose hip oil per use) so these last me ages. Deliquify it: Moisturizer bars.

7. Of course I pack a toothbrush, floss + toothpaste. I’ve been using regular toothpaste but am switching over to a toothpowder. Deliquify it: tooth powders, tabs, or dehydrating drops of toothpaste (which I’ve never tried but is a cool idea)

8. A razor for shaving things.

9. I use a menstrual cup + period panties because they are SO much easier than trying to find tampons, better for the environment + cheaper.

10. I often don’t wear makeup but I bring powdered foundation, mascara + eyeliner.

11. I also pack a itty bitty first aid kit which I take on hikes. It has bandaids, ibprofen, activated charcoal (for food poisoning or hang overs), tweezers, nail clippers, nail file, Berocca ( also for food poisoning or hang overs), a small pencil sharpener, + tiger balm (for pains + congestion + as an insect repellant).

12. Night time cold and flu pills to help me sleep on the plane (don’t judge)

13. Not exactly toiletries, but super handy things I always bring with me are extra ziplock bags + duct tape.

I usually pick up a local ingredient or two to try out (I’ll give you a rundown on those in another post) because I like experimenting with natural products. Putting new stuff in my hair is now part of the travel experience for me, just like trying a new cuisine, or trying (+ usually failing) to learn some of the language.

What are your travel toiletries tips + tricks? Share them in the comments below.

Don’t forget your copy of the Travel Toiletries Packing List.

Traveling light is so much easier!

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