Cleansing Powders

What do you mean when you say that the Cleansing Powder is multipurpose?

Most ordinary shampoos contain skin irritants, so aren’t suitable to use on your face + body. We think that anything you put on your hair should be skin friendly, because your scalp is skin too! Our cleansing powders are pH balanced + designed to clean both your skin and hair

I have dry skin, is a mud cleanse still suitable for me?

Yes! We use a white kaolin clay, which gently cleanses without drying the skin. Kaolin is pH balanced + doesn’t draw a lot of moisture from the skin like some clays, so it is great for all skin types.

I have sensitive skin, is it suitable for me?

We always recommend that you do a patch test to make sure the product is suitable for your skin. Read the ingredients for any allergens. We love the Chocolate Cleanse for the most sensitive of skins.

How much of the Cleansing Powder should I use on different parts of my body?

You don’t need as much as you think! One spoonful + water is enough to clean a thick head of hair, your face, + body.

If you’re using it as dry shampoo, for best results we recommend adding it to your hair a pinch at a time + letting it sit for at least 5 minutes before brushing it out.

What clay powder is used in the product?

We use Australian Kaolin Clay, as it is pH balanced, + cleanses without being drying.

What’s the benefit of clay on skin?

Clay has been used for centuries to cleanse + purify the skin.It draws impurities + exfoliates + stimulates, leaving the skin soft + smooth. 

Is the Cleansing Powder really cleansing enough to get rid of the dirt on my skin + scalp?

Yes! It’s a mud mask for your hair + scalp, which gently cleanses, conditions + exfoliates. It cleans your hair + scalp without stripping it or messing with your pH balance.

Are GDWM products vegan, natural + cruelty free?

Yes! We are committed to making our products as body + earth-friendly as possible. All our products are vegan + cruelty-free, + our packaging is biodegradable.

I feel insecure about the product being all natural + unscented, I want to smell fresh!

While we don’t add “fragrances”, the active ingredients in our powders smell great! The Cleansing Powder has a fresh, tea tree smell (thanks to the active tea tree oil) and the chocolate cleanse smells like chocolate cake (thanks to the raw cacao)

Clean All The Things 

Is this suitable to use on hair + skin?

Clean All The Things is great for your hair, skin, laundry, dishes, cleaning produce… it really does clean all the things!

What the best way to us this on my body, hair + skin?

You can make a thin paste with a spoonful of Clean All The Things + water. 

Or, if you prefer it to feel more soapy + sudsy, put one spoonful in a jar of water + shake, shake, shake. Then use the soapy water to cleanse.

Is it cleansing enough to remove dirt build up on skin + scalp?

Absolutely! It contains natural saponins which are like natures soap. Except, unlike soap, it’s pH balanced, leaving your hair and skin clean and healthy.

Is it true that it can be used in laundry + dishwashing?

Yes! That’s why we called it Clean All The Things. This natural cleanser can be used as an all-purpose cleanser.