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When I’m not thinking about hair, I’m thinking about travel.

And that means I’m often thinking about packing.

There’s a pretty good chance I wrote this in a bar somewhere. Such is life on the road.

HAIR TREAT: Chocolate + Vegemite Hair Mask

This Chocolate + Vegemite hair mask made my hair so, so soft. Honestly, I just did this one out of curiosity, + it's my favorite so far! So, I had this theory that if beer is good for hair, + B vitamins are good for hair, it stands to reason that Vegemite, which is a...

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HAIR TREAT: Moisturizing Chocolate + Banana Mask

  What's not to love about banana and chocolate? This mask smells SO good! I slathered it all over my hair + body. It made my hair super soft + shiny without weighing it down. My skin felt smooth  + moisturized. What a great shower treat! One of the perks of my job is...

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HAIR TREAT: Rosemary Hair Conditioning Mask

This Mediterranean inspired rosemary hair conditioning mask rejuvenates dull + tired hair. Rosemary + olive oil have been used for centuries for their hair conditioning benefits and are chock full of antioxidants. This mask will repair dry + damaged hair, providing...

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7 Tips for Picking Natural Hair Care Products

Have you ever tried to read the ingredients on the back of your shampoo bottle? It's probably a long list of complex chemical names that you don't really understand! Unfortunately, studies show that a lot of the ingredients in ordinary hair + beauty products are...

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How to pack the perfect toiletries bag for travel

Deliquify + carry on with our travel toiletries packing list Repeat after me, “If I have my passport, money + credit card, everything will be fine.” OR for the digital nomads, “If I have my passport, credit card + laptop, everything will be fine.” But some things are...

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