When I’m not thinking about hair, I’m thinking about travel.

And that means I’m often thinking about packing.

There’s a pretty good chance I wrote this in a bar somewhere. Such is life on the road.

Aspiring Digital Nomad Kat Mortimer

Kat Mortimer a world traveler, conservationist, aspiring digital nomad and zoologist! I recently quit my job and explored Europe for a month, so I'm currently unemployed, but I'm working hard on my own freelance business (website design & small business branding)...

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9 Reasons Why We Love Eco-Friendly Hair Products

Most people use shampoo every day, so it's important to use eco-friendly hair products. What's bad for the environment, is bad for our bodies. If you care about your health, it's time for you to take control of the products you're putting on your body. Read more to...

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HAIR TREAT: Chocolate + Vegemite Hair Mask

This Chocolate + Vegemite hair mask made my hair so, so soft. Honestly, I just did this one out of curiosity, + it's my favorite so far! So, I had this theory that if beer is good for hair, + B vitamins are good for hair, it stands to reason that Vegemite, which is a...

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HAIR TREAT: Rosemary Hair Conditioning Mask

This Mediterranean inspired rosemary hair conditioning mask rejuvenates dull + tired hair. Rosemary + olive oil have been used for centuries for their hair conditioning benefits and are chock full of antioxidants. This mask will repair dry + damaged hair, providing...

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7 Tips for Picking Natural Hair Care Products

Have you ever tried to read the ingredients on the back of your shampoo bottle? It's probably a long list of complex chemical names that you don't really understand! Unfortunately, studies show that a lot of the ingredients in ordinary hair + beauty products are...

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How to pack the perfect toiletries bag for travel

Deliquify + carry on with our travel toiletries packing list Repeat after me, “If I have my passport, money + credit card, everything will be fine.” OR for the digital nomads, “If I have my passport, credit card + laptop, everything will be fine.” But some things are...

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