What do you gift the traveler in your life? The one that’s always on an adventure. The one that wants experiences over things.

That’s a tough person to buy for. If they travel a lot, chances are they’re pretty selective about what they bring with them + they probably already have the necessities.

So, if you can afford to buy them an experience, or a credit for an experience, great! I don’t know many travelers that would begrudge someone paying for an activity they love. Or plane tickets…

But, I get it, sometimes you want to buy them a thing. So I polled my travel friends, + here’s a list of things we’d actually love to receive.

This is a list by travelers, for travelers, so you won’t find any luggage tags or travel irons here. These aren’t affiliate links. Just a list of cool products we think other travelers would enjoy.

Stocking stuffers for travelers

1 Above Travel Recovery

1 Above Travel Recovery:

I saw these at Sydney airport. They’re effervescent tablets that fight Fight Jet Lag + Support Immunity, Circulation & Hydration. 1 Above Travel Recovery contains a natural bark extract which is proven to reduce the length of jet lag by 53.8% + the severity by 61.5%. 1Above were kind enough to offer a discount for you guys when I reached out to them for a product image. Use this link to get 20% off all purchases at 1Above.

A Powerbank (or 2):

For when your phone/ kindle inevitably runs out of charge when you’re away from a plug.
An extra long phone cord

An extra long phone cord:

Why do hotels never have plugs near the bed? Seriously.
mini first aid kit

A mini first aid kit

So handy, so small. This is one of those things I would never think to buy for myself, but would love to get as a gift. You could buy this little guy, or make your own + put it in a cute pouch. Just remember to keep it small.

Travel gifts under $50

Get Dirty With Me powdered cleansers

Get Dirty With Me Powdered Cleansers

Shamelessly plugging my own products. Seriously though, GDWM is a travel life-changer. The Cleansing Powders (Tea Tree + Aloe or Cacao + Activated Charcoal) replace 5 bottles of liquids. Use it for dry shampoo, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, + body wash. All within a 100g flat pouch of powder. Clean All The Things cleans your hair, skin, dishes + laundry. Again, all within a small pouch of powder. They’re all natural, paleo, vegan, gluten free, + made in Australia. If that’s not the perfect travel gift, IDK what is.
Sea to Summit travel day pack

Sea to Summit Travel Day Pack

I was so happy when I found these, + I still love mine. Ultra-light weight, it packs small enough to hang from a keychain. They’re so handy to keep in your bag for day trips, or even grocery shopping. I have 2 of the Ultra-sil Daypack. But I discovered the Ultra-Sil Dry Day Pack while doing research for this guide, + now I want it too.
Bucky Ultralight Sleep Mask

Bucky Ultralight Sleep Mask

Perfect for planes. Perfect for when you need darkness but don’t want to crush your eyelashes. This looks way more comfortable than the eye masks they hand out on planes (which always make me break out).
LaPoche Hanging Toiletry Bag

LaPoche Hanging Toiletry Bag

Because who knows what the counter space situation is going to be like. Keeps your toiletries organized + protected in your bag. This one from Aussie brand LaPoche has a water resistant interior. They also have a great range of packing cubes to choose from. Believe me, no one ever regrets using packing cubes.

Big Skinny Wallets

Big Skinny Wallets

Are thin, light + machine washable. The Panther Clutch can hold my passport, phone, cash + cards + I’ve even been known to throw a small USB cord in there. They have a huge range for both men + women.

Traveler gifts under $100

Trtl Travel Pillow His and Hers

Trtl Travel Pillow

I wouldn’t carry a big neck pillow, but I would pack this. Travel friends swear by it. It takes up half the space of a U pillow. I’m sold.
OneAdaptr Twist+ World Adaptor Duo

OneAdaptr Twist+ World Adaptor Duo

For all your Mac using Digital Nomad friends! Charges a mac + has 2 USB ports + a universal AC outlet. All with a world plug adaptor. I wish I had seen this before I bought Apple’s world adaptor kit. I’m still probably going to buy this anyway.
The Pack Gear bag organizer

The Pack Gear bag organizer

Great for a lazy unpacker, or those that like to change locations a lot. Unpacking is matter of hanging it up. They even offer straps (sold separately) you can add to turn it into a backpack.

Gifts Over $100 for travelers

Wireless SleepPhones

Comfortable Headphones

There’s nothing worse than being on a long flight with sore ears. I pack 2 kinds of headphones to combat this. Which is where SleepPhones (pictured) or Bedphones would come in handy. They’d be great for sleeping in shared dorm rooms too.
Smitten Merino from Tasmania

Anything Merino

Once you get wool socks, you never go back. Merino clothing is the same deal. Merino is light, dries fast, + doesn’t get stinky. Perfect for travel. Smitten Merino have a beautiful range + are made in Oz 🙂

The Fable silk shirt

The Fable Silk Shirt

Silk is a great fabric for travel. It’s comfortable, lightweight + breathable. But a lot of silk clothing is dry clean only + creases easily. . Aussie brand, The Fable is hand washable + crease resistant. I have one in Blue Steel (pictured). Also, there’s a special place in my heart for a founder that left the corporate world to travel. Then found a need + filled it 🙂

Cashmere Wrap or blanket

Most definitely an investment piece. But I’ve had mine for 10 years + it’s still in perfect condition. It’s been all over the world with me.Great as a scarf, or a blanket on the plane, it’s comfy + antibacterial. I’ve worn mine hiking + for a night out. Perfect for life on the road. Cashmerism in Melbourne has beautiful pieces.