Founder + head of hair: Leah McHugh

I travel A LOT + was never able to find a natural solution that was also packable + carry-on friendly. I was totally fed up with security-clearance-mini-bottle-bullshit or buying cheap chemical-laden products in every new destination. 

In 2015 I shaved my head for the Leukemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave. Then had an idea for a shampoo + skin cleanser, because life is backwards like that.

I researched, + tested on my itty bitty hairs, + on my friends that were willing to let me put stuff in their hair (thanks guys!).



I tried baking soda + vinegar, which was way too drying for my curly hair + made me smell like a salad. I tried shampoo bars which left my hair waxy + just didn’t work well in different countries with different water qualities (hello London, hello hard water residue).

I wanted something liquid-free, light, natural + easy to use. Something that would last more than a couple of washes, + something that could replace multiple products. Get Dirty With Me ticks all those boxes. Did I mention that it’s also no poo, paleo, vegan, gluten-free, + biodegradable?

Since 2015, Get Dirty With Me is all I’ve used on my hair + skin (other than when I’m testing new ingredients).

Get Dirty With Me is for the explorers + seekers. Those who know it’s all about the journey + the details rather than the destination (just don’t ask Me about the journey when I’m flying long haul from LA to Sydney).

Here’s to freedom, joy + the expansive possibility of uncharted territory + friends not yet met. To travelling light, living large + being a little bit dirty.