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It’s time to say good bye to the chemical-laden crap you’ve been putting on your hair.

WTF is sodium laurel sulfate anyway?

Our clay-based powders detox + repair your skin + hair, with down to earth (<< literally) ingredients you can pronounce.

Use it dry to refresh or add water to cleanse + condition.

Did we just replace 5 bottles of beauty products? Yes, yes we did. You’re welcome.

Because beauty should be fun, versatile + easily packable!


Founder + head of hair: Leah McHugh

In 2015 I shaved my head for the Leukemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave. Then had an idea for a shampoo, because life is backwards like that.

I researched, + tested on my itty bitty hairs, + on my friends that were willing to let me put stuff in their hair (thanks guys!).

I travel A LOT + was never able to find a natural solution that was also packable + carry-on friendly. I was totally fed up with security-clearance-mini-bottle-bullshit or buying cheap chemical-laden products in every new destination. 


I tried baking soda + vinegar, which was way too drying for my curly hair + made me smell like a salad. I tried shampoo bars which left my hair waxy + just didn’t work well in different countries with different water qualities (hello London, hello hard water residue).

I wanted something liquid-free, light, natural + easy to use. Something that would last more than a couple of washes, + something that could replace multiple products. Get Dirty With Me ticks all those boxes. Did I mention that it’s also no poo, paleo, vegan, gluten free, + biodegradable?

Since 2015, Get Dirty With Me is all I’ve used on my hair. (Other than when I’m testing new ingredients. I’m always finding new (traditional) ingredients in my travels trying them on my head.)

Get Dirty With Me is for the explorers + seekers. Those who know it’s all about the journey + the details rather than the destination (just don’t ask Me about the journey when I’m flying long haul from LA to Sydney).

Here’s to freedom, joy + the expansive possibility of uncharted territory + friends not yet met. To travelling light, living large + being a little bit dirty.

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