Modern life can be hard on hair. Pollution, workouts, + products mean we need to wash it pretty much every day, right?

Interestingly, before there was ever such a thing as liquid shampoo, there was dry, or powder shampoo.

Now it’s back in fashion, it has become an essential piece of kit for busy millennials + top hair stylists. It’s also available in fully natural, eco-friendly varieties, so you don’t have to worry about nasties in your hair.

Still not sure? Read on for our 8 reasons why you need to start using powder shampoo.

1. Save Time

Let’s face it, washing your hair takes time.

This is especially true if you’ve got long hair. And the fact is, washing is just phase one. Then there’s blow drying, straightening/curling, styling… who wants to do that every morning?

Powder shampoo is quick, convenient + can greatly extend the length of time you need to wait between washes.

Lightly apply to the top section of your scalp where hair is at its most greasy. Take a few moments to massage it into your roots + scalp – this step is vital to avoid ‘powder hair’.

Then brush out + style as normal.

Remember, less is more – better to top up, than dump too much on + try to remove it. Also, avoid applying it all over at first – concentrate on the scalp, the source of the grease.

How quick + easy was that!

2. A Break From Heat

Straightening, curling tongs + blow-drying all take their toll on hair. The effects of too much heat include hair breakage, split ends, rough + very dry hair.

It’s good to break the washing/heat styling cycle for a few days + give your hair chance to recover. Powder shampoo allows you to keep it clean + manageable, stopping it becoming a greasy mess in between washes.

3. No More Grease

The main job of powder shampoo – keeping grease at bay.

With more + more ‘no poo’ + ‘low poo’ advice bouncing around, it’s clear there are benefits from giving your hair a break from a lot of the nasty additives in popular shampoos.

Dry shampoos remove the grease where it matters – at the root. The powder absorbs dirt + grease at the source. The brush out to leave clean, grease-free hair!

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4. Hello, Volume!

More than just a shortcut, many stylists actually swear by powder shampoo for creating killer volume.

By getting between the individual strand of hair, dry shampoo creates volume that’s tough to beat + will hold in place all day. Some stylists even use it after washing + blow-drying hair.

Start at the roots, + then spritz the rest of your hair to give root to tip volume that will hold even if you’re working in a humid or sweaty environment.

5. Smelling Good

The absolute worst thing about not shampooing every day – that next-day smell.

Add a workout into the mix + you can move up the malodourous stage by several hours!

Powder shampoo is the answer. It comes in a range of fragrances, or if you’re sticking to an all natural product (which we wholeheartedly recommend) it takes on the fresh scent of those wholesome ingredients.

You can even incorporate it into your post-workout routine, so your shower doesn’t turn into the tenth time you’ve washed your hair this week.

Removing the build-up of sweat, grease, dirt, + pollution + replacing it with your favorite aroma means your hair will be light + fragrant the whole day.

6. Keep Those Curls

Want to keep your curls separate + defined? Dry shampoo is your best friend for clumpage protection (yeah, we just made that word up).

Simply apply after you’ve curled your hair + the starches in the powder will keep the natural oils at bay, stopping your curls from merging into one.

7. Extend Your Extensions

Anyone who has luscious hair extensions will tell you – avoid sulfates, found in most liquid shampoos, at all costs.

These chemical nasties attack the adhesive in extensions, causing them to fall out. As well as choosing a sulfate free product though, powder shampoo can also help you keep your extensions looking fab.

As it’s difficult to wash hair with extensions as regularly, keep oil + product levels down by regular cleaning with dry shampoo.

8. Reduce Hair Damage

Heat, shampoo, + products are not the only things attacking your hair.

Many feel that just the act of washing hair too frequently can cause damage to hair follicles, adversely affect colored hair + cause buildup from minerals in the water.

This is where a good quality natural dry shampoo is a great asset. It naturally cleanses without doing damage. It removes what you don’t want – oil buildup at the scalp, whilst keeping oils in the hair to retain moisture.

A Word To The Wise

Not all dry shampoos are created equal.

There are increasing concerns about the use of talc, featured in many dry shampoos. Some reports have linked talc to cancer, although these don’t seem to be conclusive.

Others contain an eye-watering list of synthetic + unpronounceable ingredients of dubious origin.

Our advice – stick to natural products that you trust.

Powder Shampoo – The Verdict

With over-shampooing + too much heat doing untold damage to our hair, dry shampoo really can be a girl’s, + boy’s best friend for second-day styling.

Keeping grease at bay, curls defined + the volume turned up is no mean feat. Powder shampoo does all that + more, plus gives you valuable extra time under the covers.

Make sure you choose a product that you can trust. At Get Dirty With Me, all of our products are 100% natural, pronounceable + good for you.

Perfect for home or travel, our products have many uses – including providing all the great features of dry shampoo discussed above.

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