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 5 in 1 cleansing powders

Our clay-based powders detox + repair your skin + hair, with down to earth (<< literally) ingredients you can pronounce.

Use it dry to refresh, or add water to cleanse, condition + exfoliate.

Did we just replace 5 plastic bottles of beauty products with 1 biodegradable pouch?

Yes, yes we did. You’re welcome.

Because beauty should be fun, versatile + easily packable!

7in7 Rise with Rose Cleansing Powder

with pink clay + rosehip


Pink clay deeply cleanses without causing irritation or dryness


Rosehip, packed with vitamins E, A, + D, improves moisture + elasticity


Antioxidant power of vitamin C neutralizes free radicals + chelates heavy metals

OPTIONAL: Add turquoise bio-glitter to make this the perfect dry shampoo for festivals

Or choose from our original range

Cleansing Powder with Tea Tree + Aloe Vera


Gently cleanses with Australian white clay + tea tree oil


Add moisture to your hair + skin with aloe vera


Bamboo scrubs to exfoliate, remove product buildup + stimulate the hair follicle

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This was a great face mask!!! And for my hair OMG. Have I mentioned how good it smells??!?!
Heather C

Chocolate Cleanse with Raw Cacao + Activated Charcoal


Draws out impurities + pollutants with activated charcoal


Protects from free radical damage- raw cacao has over 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries!


Rich in magnesium, protein, riboflavin + thiamin , raw cacao adds vibrancy, shine + volume

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Warning: potential side effects of using a deliciously scented chocolate mud mask may include your dog trying to lick your face.
Selina A

Clean All The Things


Clean yourself + your stuff


Hypoallergenic + biodegradable


pH balanced- gentle on your skin + hair


Tough enough to clean your laundry + dishes

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I was so pleasantly surprised by how airy and clean my hair feels after I blow dried it! My scalp felt so clean and fresh!
Carmen T

Biodegradable + Compostable

Vegan + Cruelty Free.
Perfect for travel.


Absorbs dirt + oils, smells fresh, gives hair body + texture.

Cleanse + Condition

Just add water to create a gentle shampoo + conditioner


Reveal fresh, glowing skin on your face + body.


Draws out impurities leaving smooth + healthy, skin + hair.